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Many manufacturing companies out there and industrial operations require that before any forklift operator can start doing any work that he or she is fully OSHA certified. Been OSHA certified is a way of ensuring that a forklift operator has all the necessary skills that will make sure that he or she can do his or her work in an efficient and safe way. Many companies, industries, and insurance companies require that forklift operators be OSHA certified which is also considered a mandatory requirement by the government.

Before an operator can be certified, he or she needs to attend a course that involves everything concerning this field of work or can be trained by a trainer who is fully certified. Even if an operator decides to take an online course which may be individual, it may still be a requirement that the operator is thoroughly evaluated by a trainer who is qualified.

Below are some of the steps you may need to follow to become forklift certified

The first step

The first thing that you may need to do is to figure out whether you are going to look for a company that is going to provides an instructor for you who is going to offer you a course that is OSHA compliant. An alternative of how to get forklift certified is to consider taking an OSHA training outreach program which will enable you to certify forklift operators on your own.

The second step

Once you have decided to do the certification yourself, you can now go ahead and complete a trainer course in either general industry or construction industry that is OSHA certified. This kind of classes are usually only one week long and are usually provided by truck training institutes that are OSHA-recognized and other educational centers that are also recognized by OSHA.

The third step

The next step would be to setup and then conduct a classroom for the operators according to industry leader Forklift Academy USA. The maximum time of new operators to be in class should be around 8 hours and for operators who are already experienced it should be 4 hours. These classes should also be focused on safety and health concerns that have been set out by OSHA and also the various legislations and penalties that are also involved.

The fourth step

The next step would be to evaluate the operator’s performance by giving them an OSHA certification exam.

The fifth step

The next step would be for you to execute the hands-on kind of training to the operators.

The sixth step

The last step would be to certify the forklift operator after he or she has the classroom tests and also has shown to be competent enough when it comes to forklift operation.

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